50% - 70% Off the Dental Office Price! Highest Quality Teeth Devices Available in the USA

Before you place your order, you must have one of the following:
Silicone (Putty) Impressions
Plaster or Stone model replica of your teeth
3D Printed model of your teeth
If you do not have any of the above but would like to have a teeth device made then please click here to order a Impression Kit

Step 1 – Order Your Teeth Impression Kit
You must already have Putty Impressions of your teeth, Plaster or Stone Replicas of your teeth, 3D printed models of your teeth, or a 3D scan in the .stl format of your teeth, to order from this website.
If you do not have any of the above, you can order your teeth impression kit here click here.

Step 2 – Select Local Distributor
Scroll down below this text and enter your city, state, and zip code and click “Search Now”. You will then be forwarded to a page where you can choose from the distributors nearest to you. Once you click on the “Shop Now” button, you will then be able to select and purchase your desired teeth device.

Step 3 – Order Teeth Devices
Once you have selected your distributor, you will be able to order from our wide variety of custom teeth devices. We will email you a shipping label the next business day after you place your order so you can mail us your impressions or models. Your device will be shipped directly to your front door without ever leaving home!

Just a Few of the Teeth Devices We Offer - Get Started Above by Finding a Distributor